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Which Qualities Should You Look For In Hospitality Staff?

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Having the right hospitality staff working on your behalf at your event is essential to create the right impression, but what qualities should they have?

Whether you’re arranging a corporate party or a family occasion, it’s equally important to make sure that you’ve got skilled professionals on board to keep your guests happy. So, which qualities are most important when you need to hire hospitality staff? Whether you’re looking for hosts and hostesses, serving teams or caterers, there are a few key traits that you should bear in mind.

Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

The best hospitality professionals are entirely committed to ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. That means that they’ll go the extra mile to make sure they make your guests happy.

Excellent Communication Skills

To be a top performer in the hospitality industry, communication skills couldn’t be more important. When someone can communicate well with guests they will be able to create the right impression.

An Enthusiastic Personality

Nobody wants to deal with a hospitality professional who has a negative attitude or a downbeat personality. Enthusiasm is a hallmark of a skilled hospitality professional. Whether they are a host, a member of the catering team or a waiter or waitress, being enthusiastic, positive and cheerful is imperative to ensure that guests get the best possible experience.

Good Organisation And Professional Demeanour

Whatever hospitality role a professional is undertaking, they must have good organisational skills so that they can stay on top of the job and make sure that their duties are carried out in an orderly manner. They must also have a professional attitude at all times to give the right impression.

Teamworking Capabilities

The best hospitality employees are those who are capable of working well together and who are committed to being productive team members. The hospitality industry requires everyone to be on the same page when it comes to making an event run smoothly, so you need to make sure that your staff all know the role that they have to play in making the occasion a success and that they perform that role to the best of their abilities.

Hiring Skilled Hospitality Staff

It can be difficult to find people who have all of these essential qualities when it comes to staffing your hospitality event. Luckily, Ruby Lemon is here to help. We have a network of highly trained and experienced hospitality professionals who are dedicated to making your event a great success. Whatever the size or type of your event, we can match you with the right team members to ensure everything runs smoothly. Whether you need a host, serving staff or a catering team, we can accommodate all your requirements and tailor our event staffing services to suit your precise needs.

Call the RubyLemon team today and find out more about how we can help you to hire hospitality staff. We take all of the hard work out of planning a successful event so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.


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