Top 7 Garden Party Ideas for this Summer

Summer is in full swing and lockdown is starting to lighten. What better way to celebrate than having a garden party with your loved ones? You probably have not seen some of these people since lockdown began so a nice, chilled get together in the garden with each other could be just what the doctor ordered. Drinks will be flowing; the mouth-watering smell of delicious barbeque food in the air, and there will be plenty of laughter and chatting. How can you make it even better though? Well, we at Ruby Lemon know just the things to take your garden party to the next level!

Fire Performers

Do you know how popular these circus style acts really are? You don’t need a Big Top these days to enjoy them. There is no better way than to wow the people around you with a bit of pyrotechnic fun! No, we are not suggesting for one minute you do it yourself, let’s leave it to the professionals please! Experience the excitement and suspense with our fire eatersas they put on a show that is too hot to handle!

Live Music

Fire not really your thing? That’s not a problem as there are plenty of other ways to give your guests a great time. Fancy a boogie? Why not hire out a live band? We’re not talking a full on pop concert here, but there is a lot to be said for live music. You could bring on an intimate feel to your gathering with a solo singer or really rock things out with a band! Great for getting people up, dancing, and generally having the time of their lives.

Balloon Modeller

Is your gathering more of a family thing? Will there be lots of children running around? That is fantastic! We know just the thing to keep the kids entertained while the adults sit back and relax, maybe have a tipple or two? Balloon models! We know exactly how to keep the little ones enthralled as our professional balloon modellerstwist, turn and make magnificent creations for them.

Face/Glitter Painters

Whether you have them with our balloon modellers for jam packed family fun, or have them separate, these guys are artists in their own right! Watch as they transform the faces of your children or even the adults into wild animals and mythical creatures! Have you always wanted to be a mermaid? Not a problem with a bit of colour, glitter and tonnes of imagination from our super creative face and glitter painters!


Ok, so that is enough for the kids, let’s get back to something the adults will enjoy. Hire your own mixologist for your garden party and unleash those boozy cocktails! Having a Mexican themed evening? We can break out the Margaritas! Want more of a variety? Our mixologistscan put on a cocktail menu and a show worthy of Hollywood!

Wait Staff

Maybe you have the entertainment sorted for your event but just need a hand executing it all? Leave it to us! We have excellent bar and wait staffready and waiting to take the strain for you! Having canapes at your party? Let our professionally trained staff serve your guests while you relax and enjoy the party you’ve carefully put together. Not only will it impress everyone, but you can sit back, worry free and spend your time with those around you rather than rushing here and there making sure everyone is happy.

What do you think? Do any of these ideas do it for you or are you wanting more? Get in touchwith us at Ruby Lemon now and we can discuss the perfect entertainment for your next get together!


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