How To Entertain Your Guests at Each Point of Your Wedding Day

Here at RubyLemon, we certainly know a thing or two about wedding entertainment! From your classic wedding singers, to artists and caricaturists to the more eccentric fire breathers, we can certainly put on a good show for your special day! It is important, however, to know what type of entertainment on, when? Not sure what we mean? Well, you wouldn’t be having a fire eater in the middle of your wedding ceremony, would you? Let’s look at some typical entertainment pairings for your wedding day!

The Pre-Ceremony

You know that time, before the main event, where the Bride Groom is nervously fidgeting with his tie and his best man is being generally unhelpful? Where guests are wandering in and chatting and young children are running up and down the aisle. It’s a good idea to have some music playing just to keep things light. Nothing too extravagant, the day has hardly begun! You might consider some soft music, maybe a harpist, if you are going for the live touch.

Here Comes the Bride

Let’s face it, one of the key moments of a wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle! Naturally, you will be wanting something that signifies the event, and if you don’t want to go for the traditional wedding march and organist, might we suggest a singer? Picture this, you are walking down the aisle towards the man of your dreams, in a beautiful wedding gown, and the soft notes of your favourite ballad are being sung live. Does that bring a tear to the eye?

Picture Time

As discussed in one of our previous articles, keeping your guests entertained during your wedding photoshoot can be difficult. A fun distraction for them while you are getting your pose on could be a caricaturist. Amusing and quick, this kind of entertainment very soon becomes a great talking point among your guests!

Cocktail Hour

The drinks are flowing, photos are done for the moment and people are chatting away to each other. Could you make this point in your wedding day any more entertaining? We say yes you can! Show girls are a fantastic way to get the party started and believe us when we say we can fit them in with pretty much any theme. Give your wedding guests a bit of glitz and glamour with their drinks!

Reception Dinner

Whether a buffet, hog roast or sit-down meal, giving your guests something to talk about will score you points big time. We recommend something with limited interaction but maximum entertainment. How about a magician? Wow those guests with magic tricks and smoke and mirrors while they nosh down on the delicious food you have provided for them!

Reception Evening

The meal is finished, the cake is cut, now is when the party really gets started! It’s the point in your wedding day where anything goes so why not let it off with a bang? Love live music? Talk to us about getting in a band for all your musical tastes. Want something that will truly shock? How about a fire performer? End the night in a way that will have your guests talking about your wedding for months and years to come.


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