How to Create a Twisted Circus for your Halloween Event

Well, it’s late Summer and the evenings are already beginning to draw in. That can only mean one thing; Autumn is on its way. Soon, we will see the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, we’ll smell that smoky, damp scent of the changing season, the days are getting shorter and chillier, and we’ll be more inclined to snuggle up indoors rather than go partying.

Or will we? Autumn doesn’t just bring all of that, it’s the season for Halloween! Don’t be getting out the fluffy socks yet, you have events to plan! And just what better way to celebrate the spooky eve of all hallows than with a spectacular Twisted Circus?

A twisted circus is a show like no other. Yes, it is a circus but there are no animals, just some of the most awe inspiring, horrifying and jaw dropping acts you’ve ever seen! Guess what? We are going to tell you just how to plan one and shock your guests!

A Big Top

Every circus needs one and this is no different. Regrettably, for most of us, a giant circus tent can be impractical, but don’t worry! Draping works fantastically in any room! It creates drama, mystique, and intrigue. Exactly the right tone you want for a twisted circus!

Ticket Booth

Even if you’re not selling tickets, a ticket booth adds to the whole authentic circus feel. You could supply welcome drinks or snacks as your guests arrive. Nothing is quite like the smell of popcorn being made. That and peanuts are the snacks of circuses gone by. Find a way to serve both at your event. Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia! Of course, you can have a bar, plus other food but people will love the novelty of these things too!

Live Action

Now this is where the fun begins. Get some interactive performers in to engage with your guests. Bring in some clowns, funny or frightening, or both, to tease and torment! Get your guests watching their step around stilt walkers! Scary dolls, horrifying zombies, even stage hands can cause a bit of carnage with your guests! This is the perfect setting for some fun and freaky photo opportunities so make sure they all get right in there!

Stage Shows

What is a circus without acts? Go all out and get those stage performers in! Put on some death-defying aerialists to twist, turn, swing, and fly through the air. Captivate people’s curiosity with spectacular sword and fire swallowers. Wow everyone with crazy contortionists and magnificent magicians!

Ring Master

No circus is ever complete without one of these to lead the show! With all his top hat and finery, watch as he cracks his whip and brings together an experience you will never forget. He might not be Hugh Jackman, but he will put on the greatest of shows!

So, what do you think? A great idea for a truly tantalising Halloween bash? Give us a call at Ruby Lemon, where we can not only guide you to putting on the perfect party, we will provide the performers too!

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