How Can I Keep My Guests Entertained During Photos ?

What is a wedding without photographs? Probably like a gin without tonic or toast without butter. Wedding photography is pretty run of the mill when it comes to getting married, but the thing is, photography sessions happen to take so long! Obviously, it’s your big day, you want every moment captured so you can cherish them forever. It does take quite a while though, and your guests could get a little antsy without any food or entertainment while you are out of the picture!

So, the big question here is, how do you keep your guests entertained when you are having your wedding photographs taken? Look no further as we at Ruby Lemon know how to entertain a crowd, whether big or small!

Live singers/bands

If you love more of a classic entertainment theme to your wedding, live musicis always the way to go! There are so many styles to choose from, so whether you fancy an evening of big band jazz, or just some good old-fashioned romantic crooning from a wedding singer, live music will surely have your guests tapping and swaying away!


Who doesn’t want to be immortalised in the art of a hand drawn cartoon? Caricaturists are heaps of fun and can make for a lot of cheeky laughs. The only drawback is your guests might end up having more fun than you!

Photo Booths

Getting more and more popular and with props galore, it’s no wonder these are a huge hit at weddings! Great for your guests so they can have their own photoshoots, plus they can leave you fun messages that you can look back on afterwards.

Food/drinks vans

We are loving the whole vintage vans, trailers and carts trend right now! The variety of foods and drinks you can have with these lovely vehicles is enormous! So, whether you want a cocktail hour celebrating your favourite tipple, a street food themed reception meal, or just a make your own dessert stand, we are sure you’ll find a crowd pleaser!

A bit of Circus Life

Are you having a wedding theme with a twist? Do you want to wow and thrill your guests? Well how about some stilt walkersor fire breathers? If you are wanting an unforgettable experience for your guests, these fantastic performers are the way to do it! Take a look herefor some excellent inspiration to bring the Big Top to your wedding!

Casino Nights

Fancy a bit of Vegas glitz? You might like the idea of a few game tables then! A bit of Poker here and Roulette there, if you think your guests will fancy a bit of a flutter, this is the way to do it! Why not add some of our top show girlsinto the mix for a bit of glamour?

The Young ‘uns

Weddings can be a long drawn out event for children. Why not put on some entertainment to keep them busy and give their parents a chance to enjoy themselves too? Ruby Lemon offers a fantastic array of children’s entertainers, from circus clowns and balloon modellers, to face paintersand glitter artists. Both children and parents will thank you for putting on some of these!

So, there we have our recommended wedding entertainment ideas to keep your guests busy while you have the all-important photograph session. Did we miss anything out? What would you like to see at your wedding?


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