5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding During Lockdown

It is an awful, unsettling time right now and like many couples, you have had to postpone your upcoming wedding. We know that words can’t express how utterly disappointing and frustrating this is for you and we want to do everything we possibly can to help you during this time.

With that said, we have come up with some tips and advice to help you with planning your wedding during lockdown.

Sadness, anger, and frustration are completely normal in this type of situation. You have spent time excitedly planning and saving for one of the most important days in your life and suddenly, that has been taken out of your hands. It is not fair, and you are completely entitled to feel that way without guilt. However, there are positive ways to channel those feelings so that when you do finally have your wedding day, it’ll be more beautiful and special than you ever imagined.

1 . Re Book Your Venue

Be aware, couples all over will have had to postpone their weddings too and will be on the ball when it comes to rebooking. Unfortunately, we have no idea how long this lockdown is going to go on for, and although we would love for weddings to be back up and running by August/September, none of us can really guarantee. Hopefully by then, or at least by October. If you can stand the wait and if your chosen venue allows, try and go for as late in the year as possible, or even next year. The point is book quick in case your desired date is unavailable. You could even consider having your wedding on a weekday to try and increase your chances of availability.

2. A Very Important Date

Once you have your date fixed with your venue, the next important and obvious thing to do is to get your suppliers rebooked. That means your florist, photographer, caterer, entertainment, etc. The earliest you get all this dealt with after you book your wedding venue, the better. People are re booking their wedding suppliers fast and you don’t want to miss out on the ones you want. (As a side note, we are filling up for 2021 super quickly, please click here to find out our availability).

3. Your Bridal Party

If you have special people lined up to be part of your wedding party, you may need to rethink if you can only get certain dates. What if your maid of honour is unavailable? How about if your little flower girl and page boy are at school that day? Maybe your best man has a role in someone else’s wedding on your new date. What do you do? Do you rebook yet another date around them? Or do you carry on and maybe have other people instead. There is no right way, only the way that is right for you.

4. Save those Dates

When you have sorted out all the above, it is time to let your guests know your new date. There are plenty of stationers right now who are creating new change the date cards but if you are strapped for cash, there is nothing wrong with a digital version. Why not create a fun ecard and send it out to people?

5. Celebrate

We understand you may not want to do this, but we really do suggest you mark your original wedding date and celebrate it. Yes, it is hard with lockdown going on but there’s nothing wrong with having a nice couples pamper session at home, or a romantic candle lit dinner for two. Why not make the most of the beautiful weather we are having and have a nice dinner alfresco with a bottle of champagne or prosecco? Or, if you would prefer it a little more intimate, why not a romantic picnic in the bedroom. Acknowledging the date will make you feel a little better, plus it will help you to look forward even more to your new date.

We hope some of these tips have helped. Please remember, we at RubyLemonare still here and will help in any way we can. Do get into contact with us hereif we can help re plan your wedding.


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