10 Top Wedding Entertainment Ideas for 2020/2021

Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job unto itself. While you want to showcase your personality and your joy at being a couple in love, you also want to show your guests a party they won’t forget. That’s why the entertainment is so important!

Good wedding entertainment keeps people engaged throughout your special day, and gives them something to remember forever. Whether you choose a traditional wedding band or go for something unexpected and unique, here are our top ten forms of wedding entertainment for 2020 and 2021.

1. Magicians

Your guests will not be expecting a magician to entertain them as they dine, drink, and dance – and that’s what makes a magician an exciting and unusual choice.

2. Sax players

Who doesn’t want to unleash their inner “Careless Whispers?” A saxophonist can add some jazz to your wedding in the best possible way.

3. Glitter bars

Hire a glitter artist to cover your guests, young and old alike, with enough glitter to look like they’re heading to a festival.

4. Fire performer

The edgy drama of a fire spinner will take your wedding reception to the next level.

5. Champagne skirts

A hostess with a customised champagne skirt will make their way around you reception, offering champagne flutes to one and all.

6. Caricaturist

Everyone loves to see themselves through the eyes of a caricaturist, and the drawings make a wonderful keepsake.

7. Children’s performer

If you plan to invite children to your reception, it is a good idea to provide them with their own source of entertainment. A children’s performer will delight the kiddies while the adults party the evening away.

8. Bands

There’s a reason why wedding bands are a popular staple – everyone loves to dance during the reception. Choose a band that specialises in the style of music you like best, and who are willing to play a range of classics and contemporary hits.

9 . Photo booth

There’s a reason that so many people love having a photo booth at weddings and parties! They give guests an excuse to let loose, and gives them a keepsake to take home.

10. Casino tables

Fancy a dance with lady luck? Set up a casino table at your wedding, with fun gifts as the prizes.


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