Do you need to hire a host or hostess for your event? Finding skilled hospitality staff can be a challenge, but here at RubyLemon we do the hard work for you!

Do you need to create the right impression from the get-go with your event? If so, you need to hire a host or hostess who can create the perfect atmosphere for your attendees and guests right from the moment they step through the door. Here at RubyLemon, we understand the importance of having a professional hospitality team on hand at any kind of event, and that’s why we’ve recruited skilled and experienced experts in the field who will host your event, however large or small. 

 Experienced Hosting Staff

All of our hosts and hostesses have considerable experience at hosting various occasions from charity functions and conferences to wedding receptions and exhibitions. When you hire a corporate host, you can create the most welcoming and professional atmosphere at any function thanks to the skills of our talented professionals who know just how to engage with guests on either a business or social level to suit your requirements.

Creating The Right Impression

Our hosts can carry out an extensive range of duties to make your event run smoothly and flawlessly. From greeting your guests as they arrive and distributing company and itinerary information to acting as ambassadors for your brand, our hosting staff will pay exemplary attention to detail so your guests and attendees remember your event for all the right reasons. It’s never been easier to make your occasion stand out and to create the right impression than by hiring hosts from us.


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