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Do you need to hire flyering staff to get your event noticed? Here at RubyLemon, we have a team of professionals who are at your disposal.

Are you arranging a corporate or promotional event for a business? There is a lot to organise and plan, but we can help to lighten the load here at RubyLemon with our network of skilled and experienced promotional staff. 

Flyers are a key marketing tool for any brand, attracting attention for your cause, organisation or business and widening your reach. When you hire flyering staff from RubyLemon, you can be confident that your flyers will be placed directly into the hands of your target audience so you can achieve the success for your event that you deserve.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Here at RubyLemon, we’re proud to work with some of the most experienced and highly trained flyering staff in the business. We won’t put your valuable flyers in the hands of just anyone – we employ a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that we choose only the top professional candidates who will identify your target customer demographic and ensure your flyers are working to the max for your brand.

We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing your event, so we’ll work closely with you to determine what you’re looking for from your flyering staff before supplying you with the professionals you need. Rest assured, all of our staff have great people skills and are able engage people in conversation, directing people to your brand, whether they’re working in a key location or as part of a larger event or marketing campaign. 


Contact Ruby Lemon today to find out more about how you can hire Flyering staff who are the best at what they do, and give your event the boost it needs.

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