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Put a smile on every face at your event when you hire face painters from RubyLemon. The perfect entertainment for your party or festival!

Planning a party for children can be a real challenge – after all, how do you keep young guests entertained and happy? It can be equally difficult to arrange a festival or a corporate event that has to be family friendly. What sort of entertainment can you organise that those hard-to-please younger attendees will love? The answer that you’ve been seeking could be to hire face painters from RubyLemon. 

The RubyLemon team knows from experience just how much fun face painters can bring to all kinds of occasions. Not only does it make youngsters feel part of the fun, but it also helps to create an exciting and engaging atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome. Whether you’re looking for a skilled face paint artist to turn guests into animals, superheroes, or Halloween creatures, you can rely on us to help you to connect with a skilled professional who will help to create a memorable experience for each and every young guest.

Don’t Forget The Grown Ups

Not only do clients hire face painters from us for all kinds of children’s events, we’ve found that more adult groups than ever before are looking for face painting services to bring a little fun into hen parties, festivals and themed birthday celebrations. Our experienced professionals are among the best in the business, so we guarantee you a result that you’ll love and that will keep your guests talking about your event for ages!


Want to hire a face painter today for your special event? Contact the RubyLemon team now to learn more about the great range of artists we can supply to paint smiles on everyone’s face at your even!

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