Keeping your younger guests and attendees happy couldn’t be more important, and that’s where our talented face and glitter painters can provide an invaluable service!

Entertaining kids at your next event? Then why not hire face painters or glitter painting experts from RubyLemon to keep the little ones happy and smiling?

Are you hosting a children’s party, a festival or family-friendly event? Then there’s no better way to keep younger guests or attendees happy than by hiring a face painter! Here at RubyLemon, we know just how much fun a face painter can bring to any occasion, helping youngsters to look and feel special whatever the event. Whether you need a talented artist to turn your guests into spooky Halloween creatures, animals or popular characters, we have a network of skilled artists who specialise in helping to create the most memorable experience for your guests.

A Great Choice For All Events

Face painters are a great choice for any kind of event. With both standard and glitter face painters in our network, we’re sure that we’ll have no difficulty at all in matching you up with the best artist to suit your needs. While face painters are most associated with kids’ parties, we’ve found that there’s a demand among adults too, especially for hen parties and festivals, and since we only work with the most experienced professionals in the business, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic result. Each and every artist on our list takes pride in making guests happy with their fun and vibrant creations. Since face painting and fun go hand in hand, we’re certain that this is the perfect entertainment addition to make your event a truly memorable one.

Ready to hire a face painter or glitter painter near you for your event? Then Contact RubyLemon today to find out more about how we can help you to put a smile on every face!

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