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Do you need to promote your brand and bring it to the attention of the widest possible audience? Hire brand ambassadors today from RubyLemon.

Brand ambassadors can spearhead your organisation’s campaign and drive your product or service’s success. With all the power of being walking and talking figure head for your company, if you hire a brand ambassador with the necessary skills and experience you can rest assured that your campaign will be in safe hands. That’s why you should choose RubyLemon as your number one choice for promotional staff for your event. 

Every one of our ambassadors has been carefully selected for their personality and outstanding people skills, so you can be confident that they will reflect your brand in the most positive light. Having been trained to the highest level to provide excellent customer service, the staff that we supply for your event are ready and willing to appear at all kinds of occasions and events from trade shows to stores and to uphold your company’s values to your target audience, guests and attendees.

Taking Your Event To A Higher Level

All of the brand ambassadors that we are proud work with are great at working a crowd and influencing people while also leaving them with the best possible brand experience whatever the environment in which they’re working. When it comes to creating a positive first impression of your brand, there’s no better option than to hire brand ambassadors from RubyLemon.


Contact the RubyLemon team today to find out more about how we can help you to hire the right brand ambassadors for your event. Whatever the size or type of your event, we’re confident that we have the ideal team members to take your brand to a new level of success.

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